i'd like Dannii to have a documentary dvd with the next studio album ( something like Kylie white diamonds! ).
I think this could help sells of the record , help Dannii to connect with audience & help audience to know better Dannii.

these is my decumentary ideals chapters.

Dannii Minogue - Disco Diva ( this can be the title )

01. chapter one : FROM LOVE & KISSES TO TODAY ( a real trip through Dannii long career , from 1990 to today , with rare performances & rare live set & interview ).

02. chapter two : LIVE FOR THE ONE I LOVE! The Dannii love affair with her family, the amazing relation shipds with Kylie & brother , the best thing to become a mum!

03. chapter three : JUDGE DIVA ( The Tv shows as a Judge, from Australian got talent to Xfactors days )

04. chapter four : WRITING BOOKS ( Dannii being interview over her recent first Biography my story )

05. chapter five : THE COMEBACK 2011 ( all about the new album, how she came out with new music, new labels, witch team she workes with them, moments in the studio while recordings......etc )

i think it's enough, would you buy this?