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LOL that's a bit rich coming from someone who gets 99% of their Kylie stuff from here and posts it on your own site. Plus never giving credit yourself, like with the fonts you share. Some of which are fanmade by myself and others on here.
(This is a continuation of my post that's a few posts above)

Ok This is probably going to get my head put on the chopping block but I don't care I've honestly put up with enough in my short life already to not really care what people say... In fact you go get yourselves some years of experience of being bullied and see how you like it cause that's exactly what I see here people being bullied constantly. It's not big and it's not clever so anyway I'm going to be honest and explain something to you

You do realize that there's plenty of places to go get news? And I hope you are aware that pretty much all the news on here comes from the internet? Well anyway the point is I don't like it here and don't come on here all that often I only recently came back on here to give the announcement I did which ended a false rumor that started on here. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Think about that a little

So anyway when you get all defensive when I say that this place is not reliable for news. And that anything I do read I will be followed up with my own research. And that if nothing comes up I'll be quick to make it known that it's a rumor when I go to write it up (If I choose too) Well next time don't make it so DAMN EASY for me to prove that I was right in the first place................ It just makes you look like fools

Oh and one more thing. What I write on my site doesn't necessarily mean that I agree with it or I share it's views so when you don't like the disclaimers I write then please remember that because at the end of the day I'll write posts based on what I know the fans want, It's not about me it's about THEM and I'll always put them first because it's thanks to them that I do what I do and enjoy it and I don't need people like you trying to drag me down because you are so far in the minority it's HILLAROUS. But at the same time as me wanting to give the fans the news they want I also DON'T want to get their hopes up for something I can't prove... It would be unfair on them and put me in a sticky situation if something did/didn't happen (Depending on what it is the report is about) And trust me I'm not the only site in the world that does it either..

So please try having fun retaliating to that but if you really think about it.. I am actually right to do what I do...

Good night and God bless you