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Thread: Is 'early entry' unreserved?

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    Default Is 'early entry' unreserved?

    Hi everyone.

    I don't know if anybody on here will be able to answer this, but I bought an early entry package for Manchester a good few weeks ago when they first released. Now my friend wants to come along also. I've just checked and the early entry package for Manchester is still available, but what I'm wondering is, because of the time between the purchase of the tickets, would it make any difference on the night if we both turned up together, or is it unreserved regardless of when tickets were bought? Obviously early entry ticketholders would have priority over standard ticketholders, as by definition early entry means just that, but just want to make sure my friend isn't going to be miles away from me on the night.

    Thanks in advance

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    Won't make any difference with standing tickets as you can both go at the same time. They don't let you in in the order of ticket number. It just means you get a better shot of standing nearer to the front than those with standard standing tickets.

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    Thanks for that Kane

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