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Thread: Tour rehersals

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    what's the point in having a female-only dance troupe, only to have them dress and dance as men?! I'd rather have both, male and female dancers and use the men when they're needed for a masculine theme/performance and the women for a feminine theme/performance.

    But I really do like the female KMO promo dancers. Actually, I loved the style!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by in-my-eyes View Post
    The OANLT tour dance troupe was actually well equilibrated,i don't really think females were more prominent since both sexes were on stage most of the show,even males were the center of the scene sometimes,the opening,the Butterfly number,the So Now Goodbye ending are the examples i remember,at least that's what's on my DVD,he.

    When i mention the male dancers on that tour i'm refering to their style,not overly effeminate,no feathers,not even speedos,they were kind of raw and sweaty,i just loved the guys in sweatpants and sneakers on Spinning Around,and the choreography was great,so dynamic for both girls and boys.
    Agreed! They look their best when they're more masculine, like the Gym section on Showgirl. X2008 overall was less camp which I think really worked well.

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