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Thread: Sayhey is 20!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steffen View Post
    Lol elle dissapeared completely. Loved her Fantasy stories :-)
    Elle is still on twitter and youtube... and I found this article about her I hadn´t seen before:

    So Neil doesn´t even read this forum any more?

    Not to forget Bendix (aka James) who sadly passed away last year. Always a very outspoken member and deeply missed!
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    wow!! i used to use sayhey so much back in 2000 up till 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSTF View Post
    Whats this BL interview? I don't recall, they were funny as F tho!
    I don't have it saved unfortunately but it was funny as f*ck. It was basically Semen asking questions with answers from Kylie pasted from that interview she did with the UK radio show, where she didn't realise they were still recording her after the interview stopped...think it was around the time of the release of RBW.

    If anyone has Semen's interview, please post it!

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