It was such an amazing fan site. It gave pertinent updated information about current Kylie goings on and also detailed info about her career up to that time.

It was real and didn't have the record company "spin" of the official site. It was also much more detailed and easier to navigate.

LiMBO and SayHey complimented it perfectly. My routine was to see if there was any news on LiMBO then discuss it on Say Hey, as well as have (sometimes hilarious) chats in Off Topic.

Although I still love Say Hey after 20 years, it's a shadow of its former self, and the tendency of mods to delete side threads means that you need to wade through page after page of arguments, rumour and conjecture to find out anything new.

I know running a fansite takes time and money, which is not something I could do. I take my hat off to Neil R for all the work he did - although I didn't always express my appreciation.

Guess I'm in a nostalgic mood!

P.S. What ever became of Neil? I didn't always agree with what he said, but I always was interested in his comments