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Thread: Dannii on Kylie in Classic Pop Interview

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    Default Dannii on Kylie in Classic Pop Interview

    Great interview with Dannii - really love what she says about Kylie. It really sums what I think she stands for

    “As she’s grown, I’ve seen an inner strength that I never knew… She’s always been a fighter and really fiery, working hard to get what she wants, but she does everything with a lot of kindness. Her whole thing is to make people happy. That’s all she wants to do. I’ve had some incredible moments, as her sister, to see how she is with people. I think her fans know that and can share that together. I’ll go and see her in concert and I can stand by the side of the stage and look down on the audience and see everyone’s faces – she’s doing exactly what she went on stage to do. Everyone has smiles on their faces and the love is reciprocal. She’s managed to sustain that for a long, long, long time, regardless of the challenges that she’s had to go through.”

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    Nice. Thanks for sharing.
    Surely whoever speaks to me in the right voice
    Him or her I shall follow
    As the water follows the moon
    Silently...with fluid steps

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    Very nice words from her little sis, thanks for that.

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