i wonder if next year can be out another big compilation, maybe a best of celebrating Dannii 's 30 years in the business (1990-2020)

I d like this kind of double cd


01. love and kissess 1990
02. success
03. jump to the beat
04. this is it
05. don t wanna take this pain anymore
06. love s on every corner
07. show me the way to go
08. this is it
09. this is the way
10. get into you
11. boogie woogie feat eurogroove
12. rescue me feat eurogroove
13. all i wanna do
14. everything i wanted
15. diseremembrance
16. coconut
17. everlasting night 1999

01. who do you love now feat riva
02. put the needle on it
03. i begin to spin round
04. don t wanna loose this grove
05. you won t forget about me feat flower power
06. perfection feat soulseakerz
07. so under preassure
08. can t sleep at night
09. he s the greatest dancer
10. touch me like that
11. summer of love 2015
12. holding on
13. 100 degrees feat kylie minogue
14. galaxy
15. new song new single late 2019
16. new song single in 2020

a dvd with all videos included as cd3