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Thread: Rank the studio albums 94-19

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    Default Rank the studio albums 94-19

    1. Impossible Princess
    Still her crowning musical achievement and Dreams remains the best song she ever made.
    Highlights: Dreams, Too Far, Cowboy Style
    Low points: None

    2. KM94
    This era just oozes cool.
    Highlights: Dangerous Game, Confide In Me, Where Has The Love Gone
    Low points: None

    3. Golden
    A great balance between her poppier work and her more confessional side. Feels a lot less corporate than her past few albums.
    Highlights: Musics Too Sad Without You, Radio On, Stop Me From Falling
    Low points: One Last Kiss is too cutesy

    3. X
    Her best Parlo years album.
    Highlights: Like A Drug, The One, No More Rain
    Low points: Heartbeat Rock, Nu-di-ty

    4. Body Language
    Very cool album, great production.
    Highlights: Slow, Still Standing, Loving Days
    Low points: After Dark, Obsession

    5. Aphrodite
    Classy dance-pop.
    Highlights: Closer, All The Lovers, Looking For An Angel, Illusion
    Low points: Cupid Boy

    6. Fever
    Great singles, some cool album tracks but a lot of filler.
    Highlights: Fragile, CGYOOMH, In Your Eyes
    Low points: Dancefloor, Your Love

    7. Kiss Me Once
    A mixed bag. Better than some fans give it credit for, but also feels a little phoned in.
    Highlights: I Was Gonna Cancel, If Only,
    Low points: Sexercise

    8. Light Years
    The quality is high, but the album is too camp for my tastes, even though the best songs are the campy ones.
    Highlights: Your Disco Needs You, Loveboat and Disco Down
    Low points: OANLT is very generic and Under The Influence is pointless

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    How many attempts did you need to make this thread?

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    1. Impossible Princess
    Highlights: Breathe, Cowboy Style, Did It Again, Dreams
    Low points: Some Kind Of Bliss (Don't hate it, it's just not one of my faves is all)

    2. KM94
    Highlights: Where Has The Love Gone, Automatic Love, Confide In Me, Surrender
    Low points: None

    3. Body Language
    Highlights: Slow, Still Standing, Loving Days, Someday, Cruise Control
    Low points: I Feel For You (if I have to pick one)

    4. Fever
    Highlights: CGYOOMH, Give It To Me, Burning Up, Your Love, Fragile, Boy
    Low points: Dancefloor (terrible song)

    5. X
    Highlights: Like A Drug, The One, No More Rain
    Low points: Cosmic (terrible song - enough to be removed from my iTunes version)

    6. Golden
    Highlights: Lost Without You, Music's Too Sad Without You, Golden, Live A Little,
    Low points: Radio On (not keen on the vocals and production)

    7. Light Years
    Highlights: Your Disco Needs You, Please Stay, Light Years, Paper Dolls, Ocean Blue, Butterfly
    Low points: Bittersweet Goodbye (never liked it, should have been either Paper Dolls or Ocean Blue IMO)

    8. Aphrodite
    Highlights: Closer, All The Lovers, Better Than Today, Too Much
    Low points: Get Out Of My Way (only because of the production, it's a good song, but it's too screechy)

    9. Kiss Me Once
    Highlights: Into The Blue, Fine
    Low points: The rest of the album is terrible, especially I Was Gonna Cancel. It's not an album I visit. However I still bought it and went to see it live.
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    GOLDEN Leeds / KYLIESUMMER2019 Manchester

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    1: Golden
    2: X
    3: Light Years
    4: Impossible Princess
    5: Fever
    6: Aphrodite
    7: Kylie Minogue
    8: Kiss Me Once
    9: Body Language

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    2.Body Language
    3. Golden
    4. Fever
    5.light years
    6. Impossible Princess
    7. X
    8. Kiss me once
    9. KM94

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    1: IP
    2: LY
    3: GOLDEN
    4: X
    5: Aphrodite
    6: FEVER
    7: Kylie Minogue
    8: Kiss Me Once
    9: Body Language

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrodite Lover View Post
    How many attempts did you need to make this thread?
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    1. IP (fave: Too Far)
    2. Golden (fave: Shelby 68)
    3. KM94 (fave: Confide In Me)
    4. Aphrodite (fave: All The Lovers)
    5. Fever (fave: Head)
    6. BL (fave: Slow)
    7. KMO (fave: Into The Blue)
    8. LY (fave: Butterfly)

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