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    Hey Kylie fans, I'm looking for a larger version of the Light Years cover photo. I'm looking for this specific one, which is the photoshopped version used on the artwork:

    Her left hip and leg are photoshopped on the album art, this unedited version below is the largest version of this shot I've found, I'd really like to have the photoshopped one in a much larger size.

    The largest size I've found it is 2048x1633. I also did a search before posting this and the pictures are long gone in all of the threads for Light Years in this section.


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    i have this, dunno if it helps

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    Does anyone know what happened to that kylie.sosugary site that had ALL the photos of kylie ever taken? All of a sudden it’s down

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    The site is still there, but not being updated, the most recent pics are from last year.

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    I wish she would go back to Vincent Peters, he knows exactly how to capture the essence of Kylie

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    Speaking of Vincent Peters and ‘Light Years’ era, does anyone have a full, wide picture of what’s the cover of “On a Night Like This” from that photoshoot by the way? I’ve searched the entire internet and I found only one, and a very very LQ tiny one. It’s one of her best photos along with the ‘Light Years’ album cover which, in contrast to this one, can be found in a very high resolution and it’s an entire picture, not cut on the sides.

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