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Thread: When was this amazing forum reinstated?

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    Default When was this amazing forum reinstated?

    Saying hey from sunny Glasgow!
    Although I'm new this time round, I used to post and read on here in the late 90s...back then, the moderators decided it was time to shut down (turn around!) and I was gutted! Did a random search last night out of curiosity and was delighted to find it alive and well again. Can anyone fill me in as to when the forum came back? Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! Thanks guys.

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    Welcome home.

    Itís always been around, save for a few server problems When did the .com forum close?

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    Thank you Maybe I misunderstood back then and thought the forum was gone! In any case, great to be here - this chat's better late than never...

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    Say hey has been unavailable a few times over the years, sometimes for weeks (months?). It's always come back.

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