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Thread: 2021 Dannii music

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    Default 2021 Dannii music

    I feel that after All eyes concentrating in Kylie 's new album Kylie later this year, Dannii would probably find more simple to plan new music - album for 2021 !

    I believe something will happen by the way . Cause 2020-2021 it s Dannii30 in the music industry

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    Leanne Buckham
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    Itís really unlikely she would return to music and release a full album.

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    it would be so good if she was also to do her own country album. could be a big year for Danny

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    Iíd love Dannii to release an albumís worth of material on iTunes.

    I donít believe sheíd appreciate the pressure of putting out her own album at this stage. And when youíve released an album as good as Girl (and she must know itís bloody good) only to have it do nothing, must be excruciating.

    Hoping for new music soon though.

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    I thought she said in one her video interviews that there is no music planned anytime soon

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    this makes me so sad nothing new since 1995 sessions which will always forever be one of my best albums

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    Love Dannii to do a string of gigs to wake people back up. Even if it's a string of club appearances? Or a one off gig in say London?

    Maybe even Dannii doing Eurovision Song Contest for Australia?

    Maybe Dannii didn't realise just how difficult it is now with the singles charts following Galaxy?

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    i think it is very hard for danny in these days

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    Dannii has just posted this both onto her Insta and Insta story - curious as to what it would be for! Maybe Girl being issued on vinyl or a new version of All I Wanna Do!?

    love, trust, monogamy.
    isnít itís supposed to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love Kylie So Much View Post
    Danniiís time has passed.
    Danniis time passed (nah) she still has the potential to sell another album ---and maybe a #1 (finally) if she puts the effort in----she needs to team up with some quality dance producers , Xenomania, Jax Jones, Guetta Bob Sinclar, MoouseT, Kygo, Calvin Harris and have some killer music videos--- however she needs to promote her music better - radio and TV shows in OZ (Masked Singer, Austalias Got Talent, XFactor) -- same in UK (high profile shows), and radio tour the US (New York, Los Angeles, San Fran) aswell as Europe...

    I think she still has the potential to get an OZ or UK (#1 on the albums Chart) --- defo on dance charts --- but maybe she would struggle on the mainstream singles chart (but who cares) long as the musics good....

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