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Thread: 2021 Dannii music

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    I agree. Dannii still has it but I do think she'll need to promote it (minus lockdown restrictions)

    Maybe if Dannii did a dance track like she did with Riva? Or even on a TV show where she sang a ballad like It's Amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyFan View Post
    i think it is very hard for danny in these days
    Such a fan you can't spell her name correctly.

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    I think just enjoy the five delicious albums she's given us
    Showgirl Homecoming Tour - Sunday 12 November 2006
    KylieX2008 - Sunday 14 December 2008
    Aphrodite Les Folies Tour - Wednesday 8 June 2011
    Kiss Me Once Tour - Friday 20 March 2015
    Golden Tour - Tuesday 6 March 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSC View Post
    I feel sorry for her

    Dont understand why she never had a steady career after xfactor
    Unless things were going on behind the scenes we didnít know about, I donít think she put effort into her music career during and after X Factor. I donít think she particularly enjoyed the majority of the time on X Factor which might have had an effect on her confidence and that, but I think that wouldíve been a good time to relaunch her career whilst she was still of a household name in the UK.

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    Artists like her don't sell or stream singles. Even Kylie struggles. I just want Dannii to release songs she comes across and likes.

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    I personally think she should say in the dance and pop realm, no one wants to hear ballads from the Minogues, and maybe Dannii should work some of Kylies proven song writers, such as Richard Stannard, and re-enlist Karen Poole, Jewels & Stone maybe even Xenomania, or follow Melanie Cs 8th album (which she released independently) ...some of her producers Ten Ven, Billen Ted, One Bit, but I also think Dannii has a name to attract the likes of Bob Sinclar, David Guetta (maybe Sia could hook this up), and also work some more current dance producers such as Kygo, Jax Jones, even Calvin Harris (Kylie should have a word), I'd love another All I Wanna Do, I Begin To Wonder, Put The Needle On It moment from Dannii, unfortunately some of her older material has aged badly so it leaves me and I'm sure plenty others wanting something more modern from the other minogue as a fitting bookend if not the start of a new era. She can easily plug it in both UK and OZ so I dont know what she is wanting for tbh.
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    I miss new music

    Was there anything planned after Galaxy?

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