I ve seen kylie live 13 times and met her personally 4 times, but i ve also had the pleasure to see a full Dannii Minogue live Show way back in 2005 (16th april)

It was during my trip in france, paris , i ve realized Dannii was doing a concert in Bercy so i ve bought the ticket immediately .

The location : an old theatre that became a "disco" and "live stage" (CLUB MED WORLD)

capacity : 2.000 fans

my position that night : front stage

It was a gay pride actually cause all were gays and beautiful french guys

The night started at 00.00 when a dj played 2 hours of madonna, britney , kylie , aguilera , j.lo and the rest of pop disco diva .

Then at 2 am a Drag queen introduced Dannii Minogue and there was a intro : Your disco needs you by Kylie

Then finally she came on stage and this was the setlist :

Put the needle on it
you won t forget about me
heart of glass ( blondie cover )
don t wanna loose this groove
i begin to wonder (extended version)
est que tu maimes encore (accappella)
who do you love now ?
kiss ( prince cover )

It was unbelieveble. She is so talented and had best vocals ever during that night.
Brilliant show! Actually we couldn t take pics

Someone told Kylie was there looking the show from a private room but this is a mistery .......

One of the best nights of my life by the way !
And french guys kissess so well ah ah ah