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    Inspired by the rate on PopJustice, I will be hosting a Kylie rate on YouTube! The idea is that I link a form, you all input your rankings for each song on the form, and then I compile the averages and post a video! You rate the songs from 1 to 10 (NO ZEROES ALLOWED!) but I will be allowing you to award a ranking of 11 to one song from each album, i.e your favourite song from that album. You can rate songs with decimals as well. I'm thinking that I will leave each rating window open for one week and aim to get the video up each Sunday! Please make sure you follow the rules otherwise your vote won't be counted! With that being said, the first ranking will be for Kylie's self-titled debut! Voting closes on Saturday, 11th July!

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    6 days left to vote in the rate! Give each song a score out of 10 with your favourite getting an 11 and submit!

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    4 days left of the 'Rhythm of Love' rate! Read the rules before you vote!

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    Tbe ROL and LGTI polls are apparently over, now KM94 is open for votes (just done for me).

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