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Thread: How was Light Years born? How did Kylie find her way back to success?

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    Default How was Light Years born? How did Kylie find her way back to success?

    I was wondering how did kylie find her way back to success after Impossible Princess (she considerers it the lowest point of her career). In June 2000 she released Spinning Around which was a hit in many countries and LY sold more than 1 million copies all around the world... What made all of this possible?

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    Was it not doing Dancing Queen during the tour and realising that she is better turning her hand back to pop. And ending her record contract and finding a new better label more suited to her. It's been said here for various reasons Decon internally became a mess. Big budgets and care taken with the LY project.

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    It wasn't one thing, a combination of the Intimate & Live tour and rediscovering the passion and great reception to her older pop songs...
    The 1999 Book, the new deal with parlophone, the aim to make a great pop album...
    it was all planned with precision in the lead up to Spinning Around.
    Good times.

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