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Thread: Real Groove [3rd Single] [Official Thread]

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    Default Real Groove [3rd Single] [Official Thread]

    Now that Kylie has said that the album represents all types of disco through the decades, what would you like single 3 to sound like?

    Id personally like something more uptempo with some punch, the tempo for both Magic and SS is similar so it would be great to get a dance tune.

    What’s your hopes for single #3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love Kylie So Much View Post
    It will be a French House throwback for sure.
    Can you give an example to this? Nudisco?

    All I want is for single 3 to be uptempo, a circuit party type dance track. Something that really goes off and can be performed by drag queens.

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    I reckon it will have a Daft Punk vibe..

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    I would love the album to have a track as simple as “Around the world” or “One more time”, both are amazing dance music.

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    [QUOTE=dan2die4;2195929]I reckon it will have a Daft Punk vibe..[/QUOTE

    That would be cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan2die4 View Post
    I reckon it will have a Daft Punk vibe..[/QUOTE

    That would be cool.
    I would love an uptempo, uplifting song that makes you feel good and has a positive message, like an updated love at first sight. The energy in that song is addictive and needs to be replicated for next release in my opinion

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    Hopefully something with a bit more punch/attitude and a faster tempo than SS and Magic. Both are midtempo, I loved SS but Magic left me very unimpressed. Three midtempo singles won't really show the range of various styles in the album that people keep claiming.

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    After reading the article about different disco through the decades.. vocal effects.. Kylie chatting on the Brazilian promo about daft punk.. yeah i think we will be getting the newer form of "disco" for single #3. Magic is the 70s inspired.. say something is maybe.. 80s or even slightly 90s?.. the tracklist really does suggest it could all be a timeline!!


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    Whatever it sounds like,it has to come soon along with TV promo.

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    Single 3 is actually a live concert version of 'Love at First Sight'.

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