This may have been discussed occasionally but I don't recall it having its own thread.

I don't think it's a straight answer. The album's premise revolving around escapism, love, dancing, etc was heavily influenced by lockdown. COVID inspired K and her team to write such album. So in some way, if it wasn't for lockdown we might have not gotten this quality music. Also the psychological state of fans and the public due to COVID-19 was in need for such music; I don't think we'd have felt the same connection if it wasn't for it. Now when it comes to sales, has COVID and lockdown affected DISCO negatively? I don't know. We did lose casual sales in supermarkets etc, we did face some delays in terms of shipping, and that's K's strong area (physical sales), but with all the positives I just mentioned I'm not sure if the overall result would be a loss or gain in sales?