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Thread: Watching Glastonbury for the first time

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    Default Watching Glastonbury for the first time

    I'm finally getting around to watching the full Glastonbury set - flop fan, I know, but up until now I was only able to find the show in pieces or fan filmed so I didn't see the full show. It's a weird Kylie experience - all the hits are there, she looks radiant (hair & makeup, costumes), her charisma is there. But there feels like a lot lacking.

    The audience for one seems dead. I don't know if they didn't properly capture the audience's applause audio but there's an ocean of people who are almost completely silent. They'll zoom into some people singing along but it made me feel badly for her at many times. She put the mic out for the crowd to sing and all except for Spinning Around they didn't. Also, why was her set during the day? I know she was in the "legends" slot but is that always during the day time? I would have thought headliners would have been at night which would have played into the atmosphere better.

    The set list could have played into the audience's reactions. The first act was great but then she went into some slower songs pretty soon into the set which was a buzzkill, especially for a festival. I would have put songs like Shocked, Step Back In Time, Locomotion section closer to the beginning of the set as to keep the momentum up.

    She couldn't really help this but her audio seemed bad in many places. She was barely audible for half the show and at times her mic or her background singers' mics seemed to just be out.

    I've LOVED Kylie since Fever (I live in the US and I'm relatively young) and she's been one of my favorites since, but this felt a little lackluster, especially for such a coveted concert. In my opinion her last two tours were also lackluster so I'm not totally surprised, but it just felt weird and off (not to mention her dancers which were almost unnecessary given the bad choreography). There were also some very WTF? moments like the inflatable men things and the dude in the weird plastic tux. Just my experience as an at-home viewer.
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    Great Review
    I totally feel you

    Never understood the hype for this event

    1. She did many festivals before
    2. She looked boring and tired
    3. Silly set list
    4. Bad costumes and choreo
    5. Voice and audience: well, forgetable

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    The weird man and the lame choreography ruined what could have been so much better. I like watching it but by then end of it Iím too frustrated to completely enjoy it.
    Also, the day time slot detracts from it.
    I liked the setlist but more Kylie on stage singing the bangers solo would have topped it off. In the vein of I should be so lucky from x2008. Too much structure lol.
    Chris Martin was completely unnecessary. I get the sentiment, he just didnít add anything.

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    I'm with you 100%
    what put me off the most was the set-list, its so predictable and boring....
    I mean why perform a song like where the wild roses grow in a festival???

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