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Thread: Thinking of selling my Kylie vinyl collection

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    Default Thinking of selling my Kylie vinyl collection

    Hoping someone can help - Iím thinking of selling my vinyl collection - I never really intended to be a collector, more that I thought Iíd enjoy listening to my favourite albums on vinyl. Iíve not listened to most of them as itís just easier to connect my phone to my speaker.
    Hoping someone can help with the value of some of them - Iíd like to sell them for a fair reasonable price ...
    Items are all either mint ( played once or twice) or still sealed and include;

    Light years blue vinyl
    Fever white vinyl
    All 4 pwl deluxe vinyl/ cds boxes
    Disco - signed blue vinyl
    Disco glow in the dark
    Abbey road vinyl

    Also a few that I donít think are particularly rare
    Step back in time green vinyl
    Disco turquoise vinyl
    Golden clear vinyl

    I also have a few rare Madonna ones, Mariah etc if anyone is particularly in the know when these and doesnít mind me dropping them a message

    Grateful for any help

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    Discogs is probably the best place to get an idea of value

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    Thank you

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    Might be useful too looking at recently sold items on eBay to get an idea on what people have been willing to pay

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