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Thread: The Loco-Motion (12” Master)

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    Default The Loco-Motion (12” Master)

    For the first 4 minutes of this mix, it’s an extended album version but after that it goes into a poorer-sounding version of the later Kohaku Mix.

    I would’ve preferred the mix if it had continued from the first 4 minutes and went straight into the repeated “Do it nice and easy now” verse instead of just exiting that specific version. Surely there’s another, shorter version in the vaults best described as a “Extended Album Mix”? Or maybe it’s cut from two mixes, which explains why it repeats the whole song halfway through?

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    Interressting topic

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    It was never really intended for release, and never expected to be, just look at it as a bonus mix!
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    There was no extended album mix. We included this because it was different enough to be, err, different. There was very little unreleased mixes from the First album album anyway. So we wanted to put some stuff out.

    There are many mixes near identical to others though.

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    Update: Just listening to the mix, I can hear the “Come on, do the loco-motion” vocals before the second part, which proves my theory wrong. Still want to get rid of those loud drums in the second half, poor mixing decision.

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