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Thread: Where do you all buy your Kylie music?

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    Default Where do you all buy your Kylie music?

    I have recently gotten into a deep dive of Kylie music and some of her older stuff remastered isnít on digital and Iím wondering how you all listen to it?

    Not sure where this belongs tbh

    Do they have plans to release them digitally?

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    I donít know about plans of a digital release of stuff that isnít already out but I buy multiple physical copies of everything cause Iím kind of an obsessive collector 🤣 and if youíre not one yet I wouldnít recommend it, it becomes an addiction and itís stressful and expensive. However if you just want some bonus tracks on high quality audio you can just buy the cdís you want that include those songs (on eBay, Amazon, Discogs) and burn the cds to your computer, then synchronize it all with your phone and there you have it. Apple Musicís quality is really good, however, if you have a music library imported it gets messy thatís why I use Spotify but the quality is awful. The best sound is definitely vinyl if you have a good turntable and speakers (but of course not everything is on vinyl and itís not exactly a portable way to do it), the second best is streaming through Apple Music or buying on ITunes and the third best is cdís especially for stuff that isnít on digital platforms like many old bonus tracks and remixes. Hope this helps!

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    I use Physical formats (CD, Vinyl, Cassette, DVD). I also sometimes use Itunes

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    Hmm... if you want to digitally buy Kylie's older stuff you can find practically ALL PWL on itunes, so you won't have any trouble with that, and you can find a lot of Parlophone and obviously BMG as well as Deconstruction.

    I buy all my Kylie stuff physically and import what i need to itunes, and listen from my computer or my phone.

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    Yes they are online but not the remastered 2015 versions.

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    All physicals I cross the bridge from Canada to Detroit and I buy all Kylie albums from a record shop that's been open since the 40's. I sill stream off of spotify, CD's I listen to in my car and Albums I just collect.

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