Hello everyone from Mexico

Kylie's music has always followed me throughout my life. In each stage of my life, there are several songs that were marked forever with her voice. However, despite being my favorite singer, for various reasons I was never a big fan, or a collector or anything until now.

In these last couple of years my passion towards Kylie's career exploded. And I'm glad that it has been until now because I think it is the most appropriate time.

In addition to her music, I'm very interested in items and objects signed by her, limited editions of records, discs and audio visual material.

With this last interest, I have been looking for a community where we can share the best quality videos of her. And I have come across this forum.

I do not know how much I can contribute here but whenever I see something of her that I want, I try very hard to get it. So I think there may be a beneficial file sharing here.

Also, I don't know but I have the feeling that getting things from physical to digital material is much more difficult here in Mexico or maybe it's my imagination...

... Whatever I hope to have great experiences here with all of you!