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Thread: Adele - 30/Easy on Me

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    Is Oh My God the new official single now?

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    I hope so. It’s brilliant. I much prefer it to I Drink Wine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missionman View Post
    It’s less that she’s lost the weight for me, and more that these LA and famous friends are her life now and they’ve chosen to focus too much on that. It all comes across a bit sickly to me. She should do a few Tottenham gigs or something to dial it down a bit. She’s still very likeable though.

    She's super likable. She's just not that big girl anymore that has to fight that bit harder than everyone else to be liked, also justifying her sad albums.
    People loved that narative

    Anywa, i'm glad she lost the weigth, it was obviously an issue for her and she looks absolutely stunning. And i get why she became that It girl. Knowing where she comes from

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    So Adele has a #1 #2 #4 song in the UK charts from her new album. No point in her releasing anymore singles now lol. Charts are just silly now.

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    So Adele just did Nikkie tutorials... lol
    How Random

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