Hey, guys! I just lost literally everything I had on my PC. I had a fairly big physical Kylie collection, but, losing my job due to covid, I had to sell basically everything. I ripped everything to my computer and now found out I lost everything I ripped. I'm asking if you guys are allowed to share these songs with me. Sorry for my bad english, I'm from brazil
Also, sorry if im not allowed to ask for music download here, but most of them are not available via streaming services.

Ocean Blue
Good Life
Rendezvous At Sunset
Cruise Control
You Make Me Feel
Slow Motion
City Games
Magnetic Electric
Whit Diamond
Ripping Up The Disco
Spell Of Desire
Simple Boy
Fall For You
Extraordinary Day
Golden Boy
Waiting For The Sun
Bette Davis Eyes
Music Will Always Love You
Always And Forever
Aston Martin
Change Your Mind
My Image Unlimited
No Better Love
Loving You
On The Up
Love Love Love
I'm Sorry
I'm Ready
So High
Feels So Good
Trippin' Me Up
Alone Again
Everything (I Know)
You're The One