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    If, in theory ( ) I have an unsigned copy of the Rhythm Of Love Gold Leaf edition (either 50-100 in existence and the rarest Kylie item of all time) what would people be prepared to pay for it?

    Covid has smashed me and so I may have to part with my prized item. Please don't blame me for seeing just how much it's worth and whether it would actually help me out properly or not.

    I'm not promising but interesting to hear offers. Of course pictures would be offered, along with proof of date should any big serious offers come in.

    The item is mint for its age really, but at the very least it's N-Mint.


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    Hi there , i am interested. Please email me at AND SO i Will not miss out.
    Best regards john

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    Default Buying

    I am interested
    Best regards john

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    Just wanna know IF you emailed me😀

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